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Restriction due to failed billing

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Restriction due to failed billing

This seems to be a bit of a problem with PlusNet. I am a new customer and got a text message and e-mail informing me of an unpaid bill, but no pop ups informing me that my internet connection was restricted. I was still able to access YouTube, E-Bay, Amazon, The online newspapers etc; so I was a bit confused when I couldn't access my PlusNet account page or my bank online to check on the Direct Debit. Surely if PlusNet is going to restrict online activity, it should at least allow access to the users account..?

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Re: Plusnet cutting off vital lifeline

@DepotCat, sorry for the issues you've had while in failed payment. I can see this should be sorted for you now. Let us know if you do experience any further issues and we'll be happy to investigate further.

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Re: Restriction due to failed billing

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