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Regretting Moving to Plusnet

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Regretting Moving to Plusnet

I just thought I'd share my experience of switching to Plusnet and will aim to do it in a balanced and fair way.
I switched from BT Infinity to Plusnet with the migration date set for 12th August (yesterday). BT disconnected my broadband yesterday morning  but I still hadn't received a Plusnet router. Fortunately I have a BT Homehub 5 which will work on Plusnet if configured properly. Here is the time line of events:
Ordered a switch to Plusnet Fibre broadband and paid for one month's line rental and package and postage for a Plusnet router. Was informed that the migration would take place on 12-8-2015
4am - BT disconnected my broadband
9am - Checked and found that Plusnet broadband was not connected.
9:15am Chatted online to a customer representative who said that it looked my broadband had not been ordered and that I would have to call the helpline.
9:20am Called the helpline and was told that there was no order for broadband showing on my account and that they would be me through to the provisions team to sort the issue out. Waited 45 minutes on hold to speak to a member of the provisions team who said that they would call 'the supplier' and call me back to let me know the situation.
10:45am - Provisions called me back said that 'the supplier' had activated the broadband but just hadn't updated the system and assured me that the broadband would be on before midnight.
13 - 8 -2015
9am - Still no broadband connection so I called customer service who put me back on to the provisions team. Waited 35 minutes on hold and was told by a member of the provisions team that I had been connected by 'the supplier' yesterday but Plusnet hadn't updated their system but he would do it right now and I would be connected within 10 minutes.
10:30am - Still was unable to connect so called to speak to a member of the technical team to make sure that I had configured the Homehub 5 router correctly. Waited on hold for 1 hour 5 mins and then a technical person told me that the problem wasn't with my router or Plusnet but that the connection hadn't been completed by 'the supplier'. I told him that I had been told the opposite earlier, that it had been completed by 'the supplier'. He assured me that it hadn't and put me through to someone in provisions.
12:15pm Spoke to someone in provisions who told me that the problem was indeed with the supplier but that they would call 'the supplier' and then call me back within an hour and let me know what was happening. Over two hours later no one has called me but I have received an email (thank goodness for smartphones) stating that a 'dedicated team' are chasing chasing the issue up with the suppliers and I'll be informed of the outcome in up to 48 hours.
I feel like I have been on a bit of a wild goose chase and no one really knows or understands what is happening and no one is really taking care of the situation. Fortunately I am on the last day of my 14 day cooling off period so I am going to cancel the service. I'm just giving this feedback in the hope that it will be useful to both Plusnet staff and also consumers who are thinking of making the switch to Plusnet. I'm sure many of you have received a good service but I do regret trying to switch.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Regretting Moving to Plusnet

I'm sorry to hear there have been problems with your order.
I've checked over your account and the information provided to you at 9am ish yesterday was correct, and from what I can see the agent had been on the phone with our suppliers to get this update.
The notes from BT Wholesale following our phone call to them states the following:
Plusnet Agent wants to know when will the order be completed, checked and found that order is showing complete on open reach applications, but one siebel says issued.

When you spoke to tech support, it seems they checked the ordering system (Which does still say issued, not complete) but not the notes from the phone call earlier in the day. Unfortunately because our suppliers haven't updated the order to show as complete on the ordering system yet, we're unable to investigate a possible fault.
From what I can see, this has already been raised with our suppliers and they have advised this is in hand and they are taking the appropriate action, unfortunately at this time there is nothing further we can do to assist unfortunately.
I apologise for any inconvenience this is causing and I hope you're not waiting too much longer to get online.
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 Harry Beesley