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Re: Online Support Requests

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Re: Online Support Requests

Hi all,

Seems I am not alone then... got 3 drops in connection (router red light) in the past week. Once whilst on an important tech support call to apple while they were doing remote access work. I have been onto plusnet for longer than I care to remember & they keep telling me they have fixed the issue.

Cannot access online chat help as it is "unavailable" (seems to be the case regardless of day / time I try). On hold with "we're  sorry for making you wait..." - IF they were, they would have invested more in their call centre capability. 20 min wait time, expecting more like 30 min. Still, the record once was an hour & a half (nearly flattened my phone battery, rang on my mobile, went down town, did the shopping etc... THEN they finally answered.) OK that was a few years ago but its still unacceptable.

My son uses BT (who I disike) but he NEVER has this issue so I may consider swapping once my contract runs out.

PLUSNET - if you are reading this, kindly get your act together.



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Re: Online Support Requests

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Re: Online Support Requests

Sorry to hear that and apologies if you've encountered a call queue when trying to contact us.

With regards to live chat not working do you have a pop up blocker installed? These can prevent the chat system from loading.

I've tested your line and we're not finding the cause of the drops you've experienced.

Can you try the steps Here letting us know how you get on?


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Re: Online Support Requests

@bigtree1969  With regards to live chat being "unavailable"... as @Gandalf says, it may well be that you have Ghostery or another adblocker working... to get around this problem.... I suggest you download and install "OPERA"  as a stand by browser, and use it "as is",  to access Live Chat... it should work

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Re: Online Support Requests

I see from @Townman post here that chat should not be ‘unavailable‘ if the ‘correct’ route to it is selected. Is this still the case?

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Re: Online Support Requests

As it happens I have a discussion running on that very point at the moment.  From my recent look, I think that the links to chat under H&S are 'redirecting' to the Contact-Us link to chat.

We need to discern the difference between "Unavailable" and "Busy" - "Unavailable" has a specific technical implication which can be confusing if persistent "busy" is described as "unavailable".

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.