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Contacting help and support

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Contacting help and support

As a 'Newbie' can anyone explain how to contact 'Help & Support' other than by phone - i.e. by email?   I have great difficulty with hearing and on-line chat never seems to be available when I want it.  I simply wish to amend a postal error in my personal details and phone appears to be the only way to do it.

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Re: Contacting help and support

@Lilllybry  to use online chat... if you see that it says your browser is blocking it, then you need to disable any adblocker progs like Ghostery... or as an alternative use internet explorer, as it comes... or download and install another browser such as OPERA... and use that "as it comes"... just for Live Chat.... There are many people on this forum, and customers of Plusnet. that have hearing difficulties , including me  ... so good luck

Email is not available,... for contacting Plusnet


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Re: Contacting help and support

Hi @Lilllybry and welcome to the forums.

If you like you can simply PM me and I'll happily change any details you need correcting Smiley 

 Jono H
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