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Re: Excellent customer service

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Re: Excellent customer service

This has nothing to do with the issue above, but I would also like to commend excellent customer service from someone by the name of Chris, who was manning the phones around midnight last night.  I'm migrating from Be/Sky, and had been without broadband service all day, so when I got a text about 10pm saying that the order had been completed I carefully followed the instructions for connecting and setting up the Plusnet modem/router.  These instructions said, quite sensibly, that it was best to try it out using a computer connected by ethernet.  The only computer we have already connected by ethernet was an old but reliable desktop PC: it  was able to see the router and I could log in as admin, and all the tests worked, but it could not see anything else on the internet.  This had me baffled for a time.  Chris spent some time with me on the phone trying out all the obvious possibilities, and I'm grateful for his time.
It was only later that I found out that some years ago I had disabled DHCP on that computer and set a static local IP address (to solve an intermittent problem with the router supplied by Be).  After I re-enabled DHCP everything worked fine.  Anyhow, I'm impressed with Plusnet support even if, in this case, I solved my own problem eventually.
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Re: Re: Excellent customer service

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