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Priority problems - none for two years

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Priority problems - none for two years

[quote=]Summary: As part of our open and honest approach we show the way we manage problems to our customers. Any priority problems which are affecting the business will be shown here. We've not changed anything about our process, so on this page you'll see exactly what our staff do, right from raising a problem to fixing it. We hope you'll find this look into our problem lifecycle interesting and helpful.
Current Priority Problems
Please click on the problem to read more about it.
Problem Status

We currently have no open priority problems

Priority problems raised are investigated immediately by our team. A problem will be downgraded if we think it isn't a high priority or can apply a fix. After a complete cycle of testing the problem will be ultimately closed.
Downgraded and closed problems can be found in our Problem Archive.
Looking through the archive the last problem which was considered serious enough to be raised as a priority problem was nearly two years ago.
Either this system should be used or the pages removed!
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Re: Priority problems - none for two years

So the next priority problem will to be to amend the date of the last priority problem, so it doesn't appear so long then Tongue