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Price rise and contracts

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Price rise and contracts

As a result of the latest indiucated proioce rises I am moving elsewhere. Plusnet seem to think because I am 16months into a 18 month contract they are entitled to levy a charge. Guess they really need to read their own contracts

"If the price has increased because of a tiered contract, you'll likely face a penalty if you cancel. But if it's increased out of the blue, higher than the rate of inflation, you're entitled to cancel with no penalty - even if you're still within the minimum terms of your contract.15 Jun 2017"

"Prices, content and terms may change at any time during your contract. We’ll tell you about important changes in advance, and if a change is detrimental you’ll be able to end your contract. Where you have taken our fixed price contract, your broadband price or broadband and line rental price will not change during the minimum term".PLUSNET

"If you’re not happy with any of the changes and do decide to leave as a result, you won’t have to pay an early termination charge. Just get in touch with us on 0800 587 1960 within a month of receiving this email and give us 14 days’ notice. Once your contract ends you’ll need to still give us this notice and during this period charges would still apply." Plusnet email 11/02 20

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Re: Price rise and contracts

does this mean each time they raise prices you can exit contract without penalty ?

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Re: Price rise and contracts

Both Ofcom and Plusnet are clear that a price rise is a trigger for leaving a contract with out  penalty

"Consumers and small businesses1 should be allowed to exit their landline, broadband or mobile contract without penalty if their provider increases the cost of their monthly deal, Ofcom announced today." 2013

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Re: Price rise and contracts

"Plusnet seem to think because I am 16months into a 18 month contract they are entitled to levy a charge"


That statement seems odd, since 8th August 2018 contracts have been fixed price for the phone line and broadband service, though the cost of other things (call plans, call charges and phone services) are not fixed.  Obviously at the end of the minimum term the price will lose its discount and become subject to standard price increases.

So when did you commence the contract and what aspect of the service is having its price changed?  From what date does the price change apply?

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Re: Price rise and contracts

It seems to be norm across some of the providers to raise prices during a contract, some do not and will state they do not when you join them.

The service providers do not seem too worried about keeping loyal customers and thats due to the majority of people will never bother to change providers, because they think it will be too much hassel, even though its getting more and more easiers to do. 

I have just moved to Plusnet, my last provider NowTV wanted to up my broadband and phone line (Basic 10mb speed) from £18 to £35 a month, since my contract is ending. When speaking to them i said i wanted to stay on the same deal i had and which is still available.

Informed new customers only, i informed i would leave, get transefered to a UK person who dose not offer anything and re-comfirms i will not be abale to get any of their deals, that are shown on any compare sites or their own, which are for new customers, again said i would leave, and their reposnse was goodbye. 

So after having alook around for a ok deal, i also check out what router is offered and compare it, Plusnet routers are up at the top and if they also do mobile sim only deals decided on Plusnet. The deal gets me more speed and is so much cheaper then NowTV. 

I have never gotton any scam phone calls, but after speaking with NowTV indian call center, 3 times in one day and after they new i was leaving, i have started to receive scam calls automated messages stated they my internet is going to shut down due to illegle aactivities, just received my 5th one as i am writing this. Auto voice wants me to press 1 or 2, i keep pressing the red hang up buttom. 

Other examples:

Virgin - have 4 phone sim only contract with them. (Where i live, the phone reception is non exsistance, so i have a boster box EE, from my firm, so i do not pay for it, but means i can only use those who use the EE network).

All my virgin contracts are finished this month, issue with them is that, they will only offer you the deals they have on their main website and not what is advertised from any of the compare web sites, even though you take any of the deals when selected from virgin directly. 

Proble is when you speak to virgin, they will only mention their main web site deals and will state any other deal seen elsewhere is unvalid/or expired, which is untrue, but 3 different call center persons stated this. 

The way virgin try to capture you is that. Yes you can actually go online and take one of their deals from a compare site. But they seemed to have put in place, that you can not keep your number, and you can not use PAC since you are with the same provider. 

So the only way you could keep your number as explianed to me on virgins comunity is to leave and buy a sim monthly card  from elswhere PAC over your number and after the month come back to virgin where then you would be able PAC the number back. No Joke. Well who wants to go through the bother of doing that, so i'm off. 

TalkTalk scam

Was with them for 6 years, router wifi never worked. Well like so many others fell for the email renewal scam.

talktalk was sending out emails to all their customers, if you opened it, (Email received, you see its from talktalk, you click to see the email hay presto you have signed up again)  it meant you had actually renewed your contract for another 18/24 months at a higher prices. 

Most people did not even know they had renewed anything and presumed thay were on an open contract, but when they came to leave, were informed they had breached their contract and wanted the full amount of money on what ever their contract length was. For me it was over £300 pounds. As luck would have it and since they had done this to 1000s of customers, one of them was a TV reporter, it was mentioned in the news papers and ofcom also go involved with the many complaints.

Even so, the first call i made to talktalk was that i was not paying anything and informed then that what they had did was class as a scam, been reported to ofcom, who had told them to stop and also reported on the news and was in the papers.

First call reply was that if i did not pay, they would send ballifs to my house and did i want that.

second call, Ballifes aware and expect a visit.

third call, they would take off a 3rd and i only need to pay £200 odd

fourth call, i only need to pay half

fith call, only needed to pay £75 charge, for all their effort in resolving this?.

Last call, dropped everything and i owed them nothing.

I had right from the beginning informed Ofcom, updarted at each stage, passed on the theating letters, but did not every get anything back so do not know if they had any input to this. 

talk talk is forever on the "do not go there list", and even if they wanted to give me free anything, not interested.

Have you ever watched when they show you what the Indian scam centers do when trying to get your money, well it was just like that, espically when they started the coverstaion with they will get ballifs and take all my property. That sounds like the Indian scammers you see on youtube. 

also remember talk talk also lost 1000s of peoples personally deatails, well we all know that someone at their indian call center stoles the details and sold them, wonder how many people were scammed after that.


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Re: Price rise and contracts

thanks for info you make some interesting points, my problem ref cashback is hopefully being sorted , so do not have leave pnet.