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Price increase

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Price increase

as anyone had the same issue with not receiving email on the 8th July regarding price increase for anytime & call plan charges ? 

After contacting customer services first they confirmed that i was never sent email then retracted and said i did. Are Plusnet in their rights to increase even though i am in a 18 month contract, They have said that because i did not cancel within the 30 day period i am now unable to cancel without charges. I would even consider staying if at least dropped increase in charges. I object to being virtually told i am lying. Now though i will seek legal advise as i am a honest person who has never owed a penny but it is the principle now. I will never use Plusnet again or recommend after the service i have received today. Shame as i switched because i thought they were different. How wrong was I.

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Re: Price increase

Hi crantock2016 , they can only increase if they have sent you an email and given you 30 days notice , seems fishy that the first said they did not , then decide they did , if they did, they should be able to prove this , as it will be on the system.

I would ask them when it was sent , and given what you have been told , ask for the a sceen shot of the email sent, which should have a date stamp on it.



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