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Price Changes December 2019

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Re: Price Changes December 2019

Regarding Dec 2019 price increases,if I am correct and according to the much lorded TV advert You will not get a price increase during the term of your contract. As my contract runs beyond Dec2020 I believe ,I should not therefore be getting these price increases. Perhaps Plusnet could confirm.


Michael Horner

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Re: Price Changes December 2019

"Fixed price broadband and line rental - this won't change during your contract". Is still being advertised and probably will not increase as part of any contract agreed to.

However, and without checking, telephone call/connection/calls add ons prices probably have risen.

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Re: Price Changes December 2019

@MichaelRobert  Plusnet introduced fixed price contracts from August 8th 2018 , see here  for details

Providing you recontracted after that date then the basic price of your broadband and phone will not increase. As @newagetraveller  says ,The price of optional things like call plans may increase thoug

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Re: Price Changes December 2019

Others may be interested in this.

I found a closed Service Notice on my account this morning. The SN was timed yesterday at 11.07 and stated:

This customer received comms FPCEM1A on 05/02/2020.This customer was given to the right to leave with no early termination charges. This customer was served this offer: Unlimited Fibre 23.99.

Having had no email or other communication from Plusnet that could be related to this I queried the SN on an already open ticket I have regarding billing and LRS issues - was this SN an error and if not what does it mean. I await a reply to that specific ticket.

Later today I did receive an email from Plusnet which seems to be related (a general email to all or many customers not a response to my ticket) which suggests that Plusnet accept that they did not implement the price increases correctly in that they did not clearly give customers the option to leave without penalty and so they are now doing so (by giving notice within a month of receipt of the email if I so desired) and also will refund any increased costs of calls and call packages incurred since the 3 December until 12 March (by refund in the first bill thereafter).  

In the email there is also an offer for a new fixed price contract if I am interested. I may be as it offers savings over my present deal but some clarifications are needed as I am in the middle of my LRS period and I would want to know what the LRS renewal price would be in November if I took up the offer.  I know what I would have to pay under my current contract as that was the questioon in my opening post here with the response by Plusnet in post 9 - I would pay the pre-increase price as I am on a fixed price contract agreed before 3 December..

I am considering my options.

I assume others have also received this email, but perhaps Plusnet can confirm that this is a more general email shot and, if so, the period over which it is being distributed so that others who have not yet recieved it know when to look out for it.


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Re: Price Changes December 2019

It's nothing to do with Plusnet and its adverts.

If you have a contract with an organisation and they wish to alter it to your detriment, then they have to offer you the chance to cancel (without penalty). If they didn't do it they are in trouble - probably explains the special offer.

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