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Poor customer service

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Poor customer service

I have only been with PN for a few weeks. The sign-up process was problematic and I was double billed for the initial sign-up cost.  Now add to that a really poor router that wireless equipment has a job to either get connected to or hold on to and I really want to bin the whole thing.  Well that's not what really gets me.  Equipment can go wrong but how can you get it sorted? 21 Dec I spent 12mins on hold to PN and gave up. This morning I spent another 12mins on hold and then the line dropped out. You look at the PN website and it's designed to make you give up, you can go round in circles forever looking for what you want. I don't ever want to deal with companies that want me to spend my life on hold waiting for telephones to be answered but then I came to PN because I hate dealing with sub continent call centres.  I am not new to broadband and have used a number of different providers. Sorry PN my initial experience of you is poor, very poor and I really wish I had stayed with my previous provider and paid more.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Poor customer service

Hi brooksthyme,
I'm sorry to hear about the frustrating issues you've been encountering. I'd like to give you a call, can you let me know of a time that's good for you?
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 Adam Walker
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