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If you're frustrated/having problems,, >:( please read..

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If you're frustrated/having problems,, >:( please read..

I was as annoyed as you likely are, I was promised a speed of 3Mb and was only getting 350k the day after joining PN..
Maybe you feel like thowing in the towel with PN and moving to another ISP, maybe the service level is just unacceptable, I know it is from where you are standing right now, cos I have been there, and your frustration is justifiable, sadly although not all issues are instant fixes and some aren't even PN issues, some are Openreach/BTW and will move with you if you leave PN, I acknowledge the PN communications havent always been fantastic, but keep smiling and remember it could be much worse.. (if you remember days of dialup modems you will understand  Shocked)
For myself, by talking with the faults team, on phone and through tickets, we worked through the various issues, yes it took time (almost a month) and yes there were more issues,delays and annnoyances that I would have preferred to avoided along the way but we have come through to the other side and for me the sun is, most definitely, shining!!
I know each fault case is different, but am glad I persevered as I have ended up with a better service than I dreamed of....
My line is now stable, (1 disconnect in past  week, it was multiple times per day at one stage),
I am getting 4.4Mb download.. thats almost 50% more speed than promised (3.0MB) on sign up
Am I happy ?  Oh Yes!!
Thank you PN
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: If you're frustrated/having problems,, >:( please read..

Thanks a lot DominicM, I'm glad to hear that you're in a better place with this now. Smiley
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