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Plusnet webmail - absolutely APPALLING!

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Plusnet webmail - absolutely APPALLING!

I know there have been threads about this before and I've contributed to some myself, but yet again, on attempting to access my Plusnet webmail account from a desktop, I am literally unable to get through to my inbox.

This has been going on as long as I can remember, and I cannot understand why Plusnet has such a good reputation when they do absolutely nothing to put this right.

I don't normally look at my home (i.e. plusnet) emails when I'm at work, and at home they download to Outlook so no problem. But there are occasions - usually urgent ones - when I have to look at my webmail from my office PC. But it is just not possible to do so.

Plusnet, plusnet, PLEASE can't you do something to get webmail working as it should?

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Re: Plusnet webmail - absolutely APPALLING!

They tell us they are trying to fix it Cheesy but they not getting any closer to finding where the problem lies Sad

I would say it needs a lot of investment of money but they just try to do cheap temporary fixes Crazy2

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Re: Plusnet webmail - absolutely APPALLING!

This is all speculation but...

I suspect the PN in house email system cannot cope with the growth in customers.

BT and Sky long ago outsourced their email systems to the likes of Gmail & Yahoo.

Customers still get an ISP email address but the ISP does not run the email servers.

I would not be surprised if PN management do the same.


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Re: Plusnet webmail - absolutely APPALLING!

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Thread locked in favour of the existing Webmail thread.

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