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Plusnet tickets and email problems

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Plusnet tickets and email problems

Signed up to Plusnet several weeks ago but only connected a week ago. All ok and atraight forward. But when setting up email keep getting password not recognised when signing in. reset login password as suggested on help site and set email to same, password still not recognised,.tried to phone many times to those friendly people, according to tv advert. in Yorkshire but waiting time at least an hour according to thier message. So, decided to send support ticket on  Tuesday 15th Feb. at 10.15 am. It is now Thursday 17th at 17.00 and still nothing.
Oh dear, perhaps Plusnet  should take care of existing customers before trying to get new ones or are the to going to become like many other suppliers whom are virtuarly impossible to contact or get any help and advice from. if this unacceptable service contiues I am afraid I wont be with plusnet for much longer.
Plusnet support ticket no  [ 39876369 ].

Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Plusnet tickets and email problems

Hi there,
I've responded to the ticket - I was able to log in fine with your account username and password (this is used for all default mailboxes no matter what the name). If you add any additional mailboxes you'll need to log in to each of those with username+mailboxname but the default mailbox is always logged into using just the account username and password.
I hope that helps,