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Plusnet call protect is useless

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Plusnet call protect is useless

Plusnet call protect simply does not work and Plusnet know it. I constantly get harassed by nuisance calls despite having Plusnet call protect for years now. I am convinced that the cause is Plusnet selling customer information.

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Re: Plusnet call protect is useless

@Rocki Your assumption is totally wrong, but I doubt you will believe me. The system works, but only if the spammers still use a previous number - if they spoof another one, they will get through.

I used to get myriads of spam calls, but find the best way to reduce them is to ignore any where you don't know the number - unless of course you are expecting a call from a potentially 'unknown' number. Eventually, the volume of calls will drop to close to zero.

These types of calls are received from a small but annoying pool of idiots, and they share data, so if you constantly respond to suspicious calls, you are placed on a list that says 'These are live numbers, go annoy them'. Equally, if you ignore them, they go on the 'waste of time' list, and you see a gradual reduction in spam.

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Re: Plusnet call protect is useless

I agree with jab1. I have, what I presume, is a similar thing from BT.

These nuisance caller idiots, or their systems, just change their number identity all the time. Any numbers not in my landline "phonebook" are rejected. I have it set up to reject witheld numbers, international numbers etc..

Anything that does get through and unrecognised, is either ignored or, if I have the inclination, answered to have a bit of fun wasting their time. That usually ends in them hanging up accompanied by a few choice expletives!


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Re: Plusnet call protect is useless


You can block all calls from automatic diallers immediately  by buying a phone fitted with a built in BT Trucall Blocker. They are not expensive.

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Re: Plusnet call protect is useless

I use CPR Call Blocker which does a good job. Spammers are now using real looking nembers but you can hit the button while the call is live and it goes to the block list for next time. Obviously you can totally block withhelds etc.

Not PN fault but the usual value of any "free" addon is that it is generally worth what you paid for it!