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Plusnet and its appalling handling of bereavement cases.

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Plusnet and its appalling handling of bereavement cases.

After a quick read through these forums I see I am not alone in receiving EXACTLY the same obnoxious and distressing treatment regarding my late father's account when I contacted these people by phone earlier this week.

Not one iota of help was forthcoming from the indifferent oath on the other end of the line unless I could provide a "Plusnet username" and password. How the hell am I supposed to know these? And also, aren't passwords supposed to be known only to the original user? So I fail to see how providing that would be of any use. Unless your security algorithms are not all what you make them out to be.

Absolutely appalling customer service.

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Re: Plusnet and its appalling handling of bereavement cases.

Hi there.

I'm really sorry to hear about your experience during what must be a difficult time.

Please accept my condolences for your loss.

As per my reply to your other post over here, if you can send me a private message with the address or telephone number from the account I'll be happy to investigate and help resolve this.



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