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Please reopen online chat thread - never available to start a new one

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Please reopen online chat thread - never available to start a new one


We have had continuous problems with our PlusNet broadband since switching from BT a few months ago with it constantly dropping out.  We were in contact through the online chat thread, resulting in an engineer's visit, a new router being provided and then an offer of a further engineer visit to look again at the continuing problem.  But no response was received to our SMS reply to the last message from PlusNet and the thread has now been closed due to 'inactivity'.  We still have the issue and want this to be resolved and cannot either re-open the thread (that just isn't provided for) and can't open a new thread because the technical support team is either busy or not available even within the advertised hours.  Phone isn't an option because we don't have time to wait for ages for someone to pick up and we would prefer to have everything in writing.  It seems there are no other options apart from a public forum, so:


(1) Please could PlusNet reopen the chat thread (Question #183353972) or allow us to open a new chat thread;

(2) Why can't messages be sent out of hours/when people aren't available so that it can be picked up when someone is available?  We know that PlusNet doesn't like email, but having a contact form or similar is something that many businesses seem to be able to cope with - why not here?  



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Re: Please reopen online chat thread - never available to start a new one

Hi @NKForum,

I'm sorry to hear that you've been experiencing issues with your connection. Firstly, to address the last two points made;


1. I'm afraid that as this ticket was not responded to within a 14 day period since we last updated it and sent it back to yourself, it automatically closed and cannot be re-opened.

2. Following on from the above, though we don't have an email address that we can be reached on for tech support queries, if you believe that you're experiencing issues with your services then you can raise a fault to us via this URL -

Alternatively, our social media support channels such as Facebook and Twitter are monitored by members of staff alongside this forum and although we may not always be able to get back in touch with you straight away, we will always strive to answer any queries sent our way as soon as possible.


That all being said, I've reviewed your account today and can see that the connection is dropping out although upon testing your line I haven't been able to detect any faults that could be the cause of this. As this is the case and as some time has passed since the troubleshooting guides were last sent to you, I would advise to go through our online troubleshooting guide, which can be found here, to see if this helps to resolve the fault you're experiencing. I would also strongly recommend setting your router up within the test socket of your property if you haven't already, as this can help to rule out the fault being with the master phone socket faceplate. Another guide on how to do this can be found here.

If the above guides don't help to resolve the issue that you are experiencing then we will need to look into booking an engineer appointment to investigate the fault further and I have raised a ticket on your account regarding this, which can be viewed and responded to here.

Once you've read and updated the ticket then please let us know by updating this thread as well and we'll pick this back up for further investigation as soon as possible.

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Re: Please reopen online chat thread - never available to start a new one

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