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Phone cut off

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Phone cut off

Have had several emails saying I was out of credit despite nearly £50 in credit. Initially rang told computer error and to ignore. Have done this several times and now they have escalated the tactic by diverting my phone to customer service until I pay them and sending 6 emails in 24 hours. They agree that this is their error but are unable to restore service for up to 24 hours and cannot cancel the penalty fee of £5.76 despite it being their error! Instead will credit me with £6.50 for penalty and loss of service. Cannot guarantee that the same thing will not happen next month. Asked to speak to manager who will ring back within 4 hours which means at 6pm that they do not need to ring back until 3pm tomorrow! Told by agent that managers only supervise them so will not be able to do anything either!

Unable to contact anyone who can do something and looks like the only solution is to change provider but will they be any better!!?Huh

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Phone cut off

Hey @fed-up-rod,

Thanks for reaching out to us here.


I'm really sorry to hear about the recent experience you've had with us, especially when trying to get this issue resolved. This is not the level of service we expect any of our customers to receive. I have now provided a further response over a support ticket here




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Re: Phone cut off

Given Plusnet are having seemingly endemic billing problems, why do they continue to behave as though everything's fine at their end when things crop up, and it's the customer that must be at fault?

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Re: Phone cut off

Unfortunately Plusnet  are playing down this problem Angry they will not admit its a BIG problem as it now has been going on for 12 months Crazy2

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Re: Phone cut off

I have the same problem if this was America we would be able to sue them for Mail Fraud