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Patience crumbling, just like my internet service!

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Registered: ‎24-11-2009

Patience crumbling, just like my internet service!

I am beginning to lose my patience. This problem with high pings and packet loss during hours of peak traffic has been going on since the 4 Oct 09 for me. It has totally destroyed my gaming cred on my league server and this afternoons fiasco is just about the last straw. I pay my hard earned cash to an ISP that has supposedly won awards for its service. At no stage have you managed to fix the problem nor convinced me you ever will. When are you going top sort the problem out or advise serious gamers that they will be better off somewhere else. The ticket I have raised seems to have your tech guys thinking its a port problem for rFactor, but I'm having problems with GTR2 and Evolution as well. Ive swapped routers and all associated cables, NIC cards, a new OS, a wireshark trace and a new hard drive and still the problem persists which to me says there aint nowt wrong my side so that leaves PN or BT. How much longer do I have to put up with this, am I teid to an 18 month contract when PN are not providing me with a useable service? What next PN?
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Re: Patience crumbling, just like my internet service!

Plusnet  will have you running around all day long I have never had such crap speeds till I joined Minusnet