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One month since signup and still waiting for a service!

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One month since signup and still waiting for a service!

Dear Plusnet,
A rather appalling experience here: I signed up for home phone + broadband exactly 1 month ago (2 March 2010). As the title says, it's the 2nd of April today and I have neither phone nor broadband of course.
It all started wrong: Plusnet could not find my address in their database! I could perfectly see my home number in all databases I tried (Post Office, BT, various banks, to name a few). I called up and indicated this a couple of times. It took them about 10 days to correct it.
Then, the appointments from OpenReach: scheduled for another 10 days later. I called and I emailed; why to suffer such delays if they could not find my address in the first place? They finally managed an appointment 5-6 days earlier than planned. Not bad I thought.
Then, they charged me £49.99 for a new line installation. The engineer came over. He couldn't find a socket in the house (I explicitly had mentioned that my home requires a new line installation). He decided to pull a cable from the BT distribution box. When he was asked by the block managing agent to provide a "Method Statement" he left and said someone else will come to do the work. I am still waiting for a call from PlusNet.
Two days later, Plusnet records a "missed appointment notification" ticket in my account! I replied by email and described the above. Still no response.
In the meanwhile, I had my business phone line installed within a day from BT, including the master socket installation in the house. Now Plusnet have to do nothing, but activate a new phone line and the broadband service. It all  seems so difficult for them. I wonder if I will ever get my £49.99 back, which they charged me for nothing.
There has been no response from Plusnet since. I called 2 days ago and was promised that the engineering team will call me. Still waiting.
Nothing for PN  to be proud of in the description above, guys. I was with Plusnet for about 7 years before I switched to O2 (for better price). The reason I decided to return was the great customer support I had experienced in the past. It seems all so untrue now.
I hope Plusnet management can describe their obligations to a new customer, and any liabilities for not being able to provide a service 1 month later. There is also a "service commit date", which they have obviously missed.
I hope someone from customer support can respond to these lines.
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Re: One month since signup and still waiting for a service!

Sorry to hear of the problems you've been having, I can see Matt has responded to you elsewhere so I'll leave him to it.,84981.0.html
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