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Absolutely disgusted

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Absolutely disgusted

Just been told by support that 'due to a problem with their scripts', I wasn't upgraded from plusnet premium to plusnet pro yesterday.
As a result I have been told that 'because it would mess up my billing' - to put up with plusnet premium for ANOTHER month.
I am absolutely appauled! I chose to change services, and I am therefore not receiving the service I paid for. I'm pretty sure plusnet are breaking some kind of contract here? I do not want to move away to another provider I just want to be put on the correct package.
This is an admin error plusnet and all you have to do is click a button and swap me over! My billing date was yesterday. All it will do is move it forward a day or two for goodness sake! It's not my fault one of your scripts botched up :-(
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Re: Absolutely disgusted

Hi there,
Sorry about the problem changing account, unfortunately changing product on a day different to the billing date is something we try to avoid doing wherever possible, it's one of the causes of billing problems. I can see one of my colleagues has replied to your ticket and hopefully resolved this now to your satisfaction.
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 Chris Parr
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