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Not off to a good start

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Not off to a good start

So, I need to change my installation date as I can't get the day off work now that I was planning to.


And the only option appears to be to phone a line that's clearly understaffed. [-Censored-]?


I don't understand why there isn't an online form to complete for this - it would surely save a lot of support calls for one thing where people are more than a couple of days away from the installation (as in my case). But no, tried calling this morning while at work but wait time was 10 minutes. Now I've tried several times from home it's 30 minutes. Or 40 minutes. Or 23 minutes.


I'm not sitting around on the phone all night waiting for someone to answer. Where's the form to request a change in date? Where's the email address for customer support? Why is the online chat not available the moment I click "Submit" on my query?


Seriously starting to have second thoughts about switching now if this is how poorly they treat people trying to get set up. God knows how bad trying to get support for a technical problem will be.


Oh, and why do i need to create a separate login to use the support forum? Surely this should be linked back to your account...

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Re: Not off to a good start

Go to and enter your change of date request there.

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Re: Not off to a good start

@homewtbrowns  Welcome to the forum. 

Yes, the telephones are understaffed and you may have to wait.

There are neither online forms nor an email address for customer services.

Online chat does not work if you have a pop up blocker active. This is enabled by default on many browsers. Be aware that this might also involve waiting.

If you have technical problems then your best bet is to bring them to this forum. Plusnet do employ some proactive competent people and some of them visit here.

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Re: Not off to a good start

@homewtbrowns   What services have you ordered? Unless you are having a new phone line installed to your property it is very unlikely that an engineer will need to visit. Broadband orders are generally "self-install", so you just plug the router into the phone socket.

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Re: Not off to a good start

I'm switching from Virgin and don't currently have a wired line from OpenReach
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Re: Not off to a good start

Hi @homewtbrowns


Thank you for getting in touch and we're sorry to hear you have had difficulty in getting through. 


We're more than happy to amend your activation date if you would like to PM your availability. However, please be aware we would require 3 dates from you and we cannot guarantee these are available.


An installation would be required if there has never been a BT master socket in your premises. 


Please PM your availability, username and message here once you have done so. We can then chase this up for you. 


Due to the queues we are dealing with, it would still be quicker to call in and speak to the provisioning department directly. 


Provisioning: 0800 328 4622


Kind Regards