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Not bad now

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Not bad now

Connection Speed 12661 kbps 888 kbps
Line Attenuation 34.5 db 19.3 db
Noise Margin 3.0 db 13.3 db
BT Profile 11.17
Plusnet profile 11.1
Download speed 10.3mb over wifi. Early mornings can be very much lower, sometimes 2/3mb.
The above figures have been around for about a month now, although sometimes they drop and can be very poor.  However at the moment we are quite happy and hope it continues.
A while ago after a few months of extremely poor service which was so erratic it was of no use for anything the connection seemed to settle at around 6mb. However I knew we should have a better service because we previously had 9mb, this was confirmed by the BT engineer following repairs. These speeds did not last very long.
I called Plusnet, the line was tested and was told nothing was wrong and couldn't expect any more. The agent went on to say he had 3/4mb and his smart tv applications worked fine, which doesn't go down very well when we still experienced a inconsistent service.
Our new smart tv was of no real use with our current situation, I put the phone down feeling frustrated and rather angry and that I had been fobbed off especially after the lack of service and interest of the last four months. I do not think it was handled correctly then or when I had the first problems back in December.
Just a couple of weeks after the phone call the connection rebooted and the SNR dropped, I asked on the forum for a profile reset and the speed increased, later the router reset again and the speed went up once more to the figures given at the top. So within a very short time it had changed completely.
The only thing I can think of for the improvement is it's been drier, the heavy downpours of the winter have gone and water is not getting into the ducts, wiring or cabinets. I might be wrong but that's my theory.
So after all of the above my feedback is we are quite happy with Plusnet, if you could please maintain the service we currently have.

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Not bad now

Hi rovingeyeuk,
Thank you for taking the time to post confirming that you are now happy with the serivce.
If your speeds drop in the future and you notice the issues you were experiencing previously don't hesitate to give us a shout and we can look into that for you!
Although here's to hoping that it doesn't happen and that your service maintains the level that you have now! Smiley