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No fibre engineer. No response to support ticket.

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No fibre engineer. No response to support ticket.

Apologies to those readers who are looking for a thread on a new and different topic, but I have to post here on the same lines as many of the threads below, because like others I am not getting a response through the usual route.
Last Wednesday (29th Jan) I was expecting the engineer to install my fibre broadband. I accepted this appointment very reluctantly because this is the worst possible time to have to ask for time off work (having previously had an engineer turn up in December but fail to complete the installation, and a missed appointment in early Jan where I understand Plusnet failed to book the engineer). Not only did no engineer show up, but over 4 days later I have had no contact from support - no apology/explanation; not a word about what compensation is on offer; not even an enquiry about when/if I would like to waste another half day waiting in.
Plusnet: if you don't want my business, just say so and I'll move on. Otherwise, the earliest (weekday) date I can arrange to be at home is Friday 21st February (a.m.). I'm open to your suggestions as to ways of getting it installed in a more reasonable timeframe: including, as I have previously suggested, getting the work done in the cabinet without me being at home as I already have the new faceplate and modem.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: No fibre engineer. No response to support ticket.

Hi anonymouse,
I'm really sorry to hear that the engineer hasn't visited as agreed. I'll update Ticket Ref: 77122834 shortly with further details on this for you.