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Nine months' notice?

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Nine months' notice?

According to the BT Wholesale broadband availability checker WBC FTTP has just become available for our line. From work I've seen being done in our street recently it looks like we have fibre-to-the-pole.

I'll stick with Plusnet for the moment as my current contract and Line Rental Saver run to next August, but if there's no FTTP service offered by then I'll be looking to find another ISP that does offer it - ideally one that doesn't build annual CPI+3.9% price increases into its contracts (though I wonder if such a thing will exist by then, given the way companies follow each other).

I've been with Plusnet for many years and am currently happy with the deal I've got and the service I'm getting, but FTTP's a game-changer.

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Re: Nine months' notice?

I am in the same situation.

Openreach commercially deployed FTTP has just become available to my house despite having good FTTC thanks to BDUK.

I suspect Openreach pulled their finger out because a couple of Alt Net's (Gigaclear and Jurassic Fibre) have started rolling out FTTP in the some of the other towns nearby.

I am in a contract but once that is up, if BT consumer do not sell FTTP under the Plusnet brand I will be leaving.

A key factor in my choice of ISP will be the BT consumer imposition of the annual increase of CPI + 3.9%!

I regard it as honest to set a higher and fixed price, rather than push the price up each year.