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Nightmare Customer Service So Far and quidco issues

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Nightmare Customer Service So Far and quidco issues

Well were to start I researched a lot before deciding to go with plus net as they SEEM to have a good customer service reputation..!
Firstly I had an online chat with advisor to check if I put an order through I could delay my activation day he said yes no problem apply online then call up to add message to account for delay.
I did this and got a lady CSA who said she added a note and it shouldn't be a problem and would call me about changing payments
The next day she didn't so my first bad experience. I called myself  the next day and got another lady who confirmed that the message was on my account to delay activation for phone line till 25th February and asked her if I needed to call again or could I trust this would be actioned as I had already been kept waiting over 15 mins for each of these calls to be answered she responded that I shouldn't need to,but suggested i did as some times messages on accounts get missed,and i should watch email notifications.
Today i get a text at 12 noon saying my phone line will be activated today 1/2/2013.....i call up after waiting 30 mins to be answered get told its too late to delay activation all apologies and charges will get  refunded to my account ,and to be fair Scott who dealt with me was apologetic and helpful.
He also said he'd delay the broadband activation and call me later in month about BB activation.....then i get an email 2hrs later telling me there direct debiting charges for broadband setup which i shouldn't be paying for and doesn't need setting up yet.
Also my quidco  for £80 hasn't tracked but have raised claim with them although not sure how all this going on is going to effect it all.
They have now sent an email to the billing team to try and resolve it.
All in all a very awful experience so far i must say with Plusnet apart from Scott ...will keep this thread updated ...!!
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Nightmare Customer Service So Far and quidco issues

I'm sorry to hear about the issues so far, however it sounds like Scott  has things in hand for you. Keep us updated and let me know if you need any further help.
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team