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New customer. For how long?

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New customer. For how long?

Everything went fine until I signed up and gave plusnet my bank details.
An email to my BT email address told me that everything is proceeding and more info.
The wireless box arrives in post and I'm told not to connect it until I get an email.
When I phoned to find out what was happening, call centre staff would not help as I could not remember my password and I was told to log in and retrieve it.
I could not retrieve it as my account was not up and running yet.
You are the only company I've ever come across where the staff will not assist in this matter.
After a few more days my BT email is cut off. When I phone you, and wait for a reply...I always have to wait too long...I am told to plug in the wireless box and everything does in fact work.
Call centre staff would now assist as my direct debit had cleared. I was not told that this was the reason why they would/could not help before.
Plusnet had been sending all subsequent emails about the progress of my order to my new plusnet email address, instead of the BT one that worked, and that I actually used.
It seems shocking to say that BT customer services are better but they are. Much!
Was this just a rare glitch? New staff making mistakes? I hope so.
I don't know what Plusnet wins prizes for but it's not for helpfulness.
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: New customer. For how long?

Hi there,
Sorry about the issues you've had there, though I can assure you the notification emails were sent to your bt address as that's the one we have on your account? The tickets are showing that that is where the notifications were delivered, though we will also send them to the postmaster/other default email address on the account if mail has been requested.
Did the bt address close when your service was moved over?