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New User

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New User

Blimey, I've not been with you guys long, and all's well at the moment.

But after reading this Shocked, I'm dreading it going t*ts up.

The main reason for signing wit Plusnet, was reading how good your customer service was (must've been old reviewsRoll_eyes)

So crossing my fingers (and toes)

I'm sure if prospective newbies read this, they'll shy away.

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Re: New User

PlusNet were Once the Better ISP for Support , Unfortunately Present management have decided that Quantity is better than QUALITY Sad

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Re: New User

That thread does make for a poor experience. Let us know if you have any problems at all regarding your connection and I'll be sure to investigate.

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Re: New User

There are many here among us
Who feel that PN is but a joke


But we remember what it used to be.


I'm not alone, I'm sure, in hanging on for the present and seeing what happens if and when I get a problem.

Murphy was an optimist
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