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New Customer

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New Customer

I have just had my broadband activated, and 1 day early I may add!
Just a quick post to say 'Thank You' to Plusnet for making it an easy and painless transition from the dreaded company that begins with T and ends in hree!
Im am, however, getting erratic speeds, but as I understand, this is part of the line training period and will stabilize after a 10 day period.
A very happy Beermonsta!  Smiley
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: New Customer

Thanks for the good feedback, glad to hear the migration went smoothly.
If you're still experiencing the erratic speeds after the first 10 days please let us know so we can investigate that for you.
If this post resolved your issue please click the 'This fixed my problem' button
 Harry Beesley