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NW London fibre speed @3.04 mbps ( No 24/7 technical support??!

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NW London fibre speed @3.04 mbps ( No 24/7 technical support??!

All evening my supposed 80mbps connection hasn't risen above 3.04mbps. Assuming this was due to high volume of usage in the area (Willesden) I made do, but even in the later hours of 3am this has not improved (even after hardware restarts). I very rarely get 80mbps (normally about 20) but this is enough to warrant need of getting plusnet to sort out.
"No problem, I'll just ring technical support". After a load of hassle trying to get through to anyone I spoke to someone on the business team who informed me 24/7 technical support is no longer. The only support options available are online chat (only available during daytime), and calling in (also only during daytime). Absolutely no support for any issues out of hours, not even an option to send an email. Obviously great is you work night shifts and sleep during daytime hours!! What world does Plusnet live in where you can't even submit some kind of query ticket on their website. Astonishing!!
So my question is due to slow connection speed and the removal of 24/7 technical support has anyone been successful in either; being able to exit their contract with plusnet (due to change of services), or managed to wrangle a reduction of payment per month due to the slow speeds. Really not happy having to pay out of my [Censored] for a high speed connection that rarely delivers, and with no one around to help when I need it, for the next 12 months.
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Re: NW London fibre speed @3.04 mbps ( No 24/7 technical support??!

Raise a fault (which will create a ticket):
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