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My first and last experience with Plusnet

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Registered: ‎12-09-2018

My first and last experience with Plusnet

It's now the 28th day since I joined Plusnet, and still I'm not able to receive any phone calls. Today I asked for the PAC code and decide to say goodbye to Plusnet. I feel so sorry about myself made the wrong choice and falling into a black hole.

Ever since I join Plusnet, almost every 2 days I have to spend 30 min on the call with Plusnet customer service to escalate this issue but no result. From the experience I had in the past months, I’m happy to take the labor to summarize them into below points.

Customer service staff is basically a receptionist. They only act as a human recorder. Do not bother asking even a slightly deeper questions relate to your service, because the staff will most possibly have no clue of it, and most important thing is that none of them are trying to help, they were simply reading their script to try to block your further questions. When you finally realize this point and ask to speak to a manager, they will put you on hold for 10 min and come back to tell you that “Manager is not available to speak right now”. 

Interestingly, each CS staff will tell you a different story of their company. 
From the three CS staff and 1 manager I’ve spoken with so far, whenever I request to spoke with a manager on the floor, each CS staff told me a different thing:
1. CS No.1 was telling me there are no managers available to speak with customer after 7pm;
2. CS No.2 was telling me the manager is working next day from 5-10pm, but when I called back the next day CS No.3 told me the manager is not working on the day;
3. I was calling at 6pm but CS No.3 told me there are no managers available to speak with customer after 6pm;
Anyone would be able to tell those staff are either extremely poorly trained or are lying to their customer to avoid them speaking with their managers.

From the past 10 years experience I have never come across a company handling fault in such a “SMART” way.
From day 1 I reported the fault, there’s been no one trying get in touch with me to provide the update until I called CS on the 7th days. The CS staff ask me to provide 3 samples to show calls cannot get through, each sample must have at least 2 hours gap, and the process takes 5 working days for their operation team to provide an update. Then after 5 working days I called up again, this time I was lucky to get hold of a manager Matt who would be willing to take responsibility of my case. He told me he will post me a new SIM card which should arrive in 2 days and hopefully this will resolve the issue. Then the SIM card never arrive and I have to call again after 5 days to chase them to post another SIM to me. This time the card did arrive, unfortunately the problem still persist. From this point I receive no response from Matt any more, so I have to call again and get hold of another manager John to follow up this issue. He told me I need to provide another 3 samples, take another 5 working days to get the result. I double and triple checked with him that this will be the last time they request samples from me, and get him to confirm that he will provide me a firm update of when this can be resolved. He promised he will follow up the case till the end and he will call me back on 10th Sep. Then he never called me back on 10th, so I call on 11th Sep 17:00 again, the CS staff told me John has left the office, but he left a message on the system that: “Customer need to provide another 3 fresh samples because previous samples have expired.” CS staff also told me the previous samples are not correct because “I didn’t provide the POSTCODE for each call originated”. 

From this point I’m telling myself that I've had enough of their nonsense. I asked to be transfer to the team to get the PAC CODE..