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My experience with PlusNet

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My experience with PlusNet

Just wanted to say thanks to PlusNet as I've had very few problems with their service compared to the other providers I've used in the past.
I had a few problems with random dropouts on my ADSL which with a ticket and a few pokes / nudges via PM were sorted in no time, on a person to person level rather than through automated customer service.
I upgraded to fibre recently (which believe it or not actually works out cheaper than ADSL as we were going over download limit), and have had literally 0 disconnects thus far... Probably jinxed myself now but yeah Smiley
If anyone is having any trouble with Plusnet, rather than get mad just give one of their staff a quick PM and I can assure you they'll sort your problem in no time.
So for what it's worth I'd like to say a thank you to Plusnet and I hope the staff there realise they're doing a great job.

/pats staff on back

Edit: Whilst you're all doing a great job I'd like to say a personal thanks to Chris and Joanne (not sure if she's still with you guys). Keep up the good work.
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Re: My experience with PlusNet

Thanks Cheesy
Jojo is still about, but doing improvement things in our billing teams Cheesy
Kelly Dorset
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