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Multiple complexities, great response

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Multiple complexities, great response

I'd like to publicly thank Scott in tech support and Cath in sales for taking time and trouble over resolving several complications and problems arising during our rather unusual half house move.
They were both very helpful, knowledgable and friendly, and found very good solutions.
Scott sorted several issues out, looking in detail into what was happening and why, and also gave me a ring back after I accidentally hung up on him, so I didn't have to go back in the queue and start again.
Cath spent no small effort to find a product suiting my rather specific requirements, at a price better than I'd found by resarching my options online.
Any company can have weird customers, flaky suppliers (eg BT Openreek engineers), unforseen situations or make mistakes. Your response to problems is what defines good support, and I've had excellent support. Thank you.
I'm in a better situation now than I was before things started changing. In particular, my monthly bills have gone down by switching more things to plusnet, and yet I'm getting more for that money now than I was (two houses for less than the previous combined bills at one). If only plusnet did gas, electricity and council tax too, I'd be on a winner.
I'm a very happy customer. The combination of great support and very good pricing is why, years on, I tell people they should switch to plusnet.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Multiple complexities, great response

Hi aclow,
Thanks very much for your feedback, I'll ensure that it's passed on to Cath's and Scott's respective managers Smiley