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More Major Plusnet FAILS

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More Major Plusnet FAILS

I just don't believe how bad things are getting.



this latter one referring to discussion in this thread -

@LouisaMartin @Chris

You still have the opportunity for Plusnet to partially redeem itself by going and making the relevant posts on the 'Community Announcements' board and the 'Latest Plusnet News' board with the links to the threads that already exist - noted above.

As things stand, when you can post guff like this you have just given a massive slap in the face to all of us that spent time testing and bug finding, and coming up with dozens of excellent suggestions over on the Staging site, by failing to do the simple above things that were previously agreed. I for one, am far from amused Ticked_offAngry

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Re: More Major Plusnet FAILS

Things would look a hell of a lot worse if the "How-long-before-Plusnet-put-up-their-prices-to-follow" thread wasn't being used as a dustbin for the current major plusnet problem.

Fair enough that same threads get locked and sorted but it seems to me that many of the locked threads were asking specific things about the latest change. It doesn't seem fair or proper that those customer questions end up getting lost in this dustin thread. The title of which isn't even relevant to many of the questions being asked.