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Loss of service with no way to contact support.

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Loss of service with no way to contact support.

The past two days I have had my connection drop for short periods during the day, which was annoying since it interrupted my work but I tolerated it as the service was quickly resumed. However I have just had my connection go down for over an hour.

So I went to Plusnet support; live chat is offline. Tried to call, got told by an automated system that the phone lines were too busy and was disconnected.

What kind of service drops for hours at a time with no way of contacting support at all? I am stuck inside my home and rely on my internet connection. This incident alone is enough to convince me to switch suppliers when I have the chance.

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Re: Loss of service with no way to contact support.


Live Chat has been discontinued by Plusnet. They did so some months ago but, unfortunately, misleading links abound on their websites. If any work they only take you to a sales bot.

It has become increasingly difficult to get hold of Plusnet by phone in the past few months and otherwise the sole means of contact is via these forums (posting in the correct forum - in your case it sounds like either ADSL Broadband or Fibre Broadband as appropriate - as particular staff check different forums reportedly), or via Facebook or Twitter.

Plusnet continue to blame the Covid-19 crisis for the continuing deterioration in their customer services but seem to have no plans to try to improve things. Not really acceptable.

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Re: Loss of service with no way to contact support.

Thanks for your time on the phone @jgresty 

I'm sorry for the problems with your connection. As discussed I've tested your line today and the tests are showing a fault with the phone line side of things on Openreach's infrastructure which would more than likely be impacting your broadband. I've raised the fault and we've been given an estimated response time of by 22/09/20 23:59:59 for an engineer to go out and investigate further. I'll call you back on Wednesday to follow things up with you.

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