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Live Chat is DEAD - is there a doctor in the house ?

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Live Chat is DEAD - is there a doctor in the house ?

Live chat has been dead since it was deliberately closed sometime Wednesday last week... DUE , so the saying goes to having too many customers waiting long periods on the phones...  so they pulled the plug on Live Chat to get the staff on there to answer the phones..


ERM!..  surely, the answer would be to keep live chat open to alleviate the pressure on the phone staff...  because obviously since 2009 they still havent got enough staff to answer the phones..


Current waiting time on the phone at 15:15 on Saturday 19th August 2017 is just over 2 minutes.....


so presumably all the Live Chat staff have gone home for the weekend... as it is still not available....


Since I started a thread on that subject in November 2009... periodically, @Chris would come on and give us some blurb about how well they are doing training up the new staff.. and "give us time... we`ll get there"...

Presumably 8 years is not enough time.....

seems that even though Plusnet opened a new office to inrease the floor area of the Phone Staff, even that has not alleviated the problem...

As someone on one of the posts in that thread,  said, at some time during the past EIGHT YEARS... if they ( PN ) concentrated on solving the repetitive faults and problems that customers have brought to them through the phone lines... then there would/should be no long waiting times for an answer on EITHER phones or LIVE (now dead) CHAT... as there would be fewer customers needing to complain.


Even allowing for the increased customer base, due to slashing the prices, advertising, constantly... there should have been a "pro rata " increase in the number of staff to give what Plusnet call their .... "Award Winning Customer Service".... and " We`ll do you proud"  



The only award they can win at present is for the worst customer service, and they won`t be very proud of that...




Does anyone know how to take a company to court over misrepresentation in the advertising....... and false hopes and promises in their forum responses ?


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Re: Live Chat is DEAD - is there a doctor in the house ?

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Thread locked in favour of this thread with @Gandalf's official reply here.


I have moved the linked thread to Plusnet Feedback so best to keep discussions in one place.

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