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Line Problems

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Line Problems

My daughter is on PLUSNET as am I and she has a problem with her telephone line so is not able to report the fault. I have done this and continually get asked to try different things to check, which means I have to keep going to her house and then reporting back. To me this is a pain and totally unnecessary. It would appear to me that Plusnet hide behind the fact that none of the equipment is theirs, it BT's. They are very reluctant to send out an engineer and threaten a £90 +VAT fee if problem is not the found to be with the line. For me I have worked with comms for many years but for someone like my daughter is not techy savy this is a real problem, one she doesn't need. She is therefore looking to return to BT , as am I.
To me Plusnet service is fine until you get a problem and then they try and put as many obstacles in the way rather than give their customers good service.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Line Problems

Hi raycougar,
I'm here to help with issues like this so please send me a private message with your daughter's username or telephone number (a mobile contact number if she has one would also be helpful) and I'll get on the case.
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 Adam Walker
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