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Legacy 38/19Mb to new 52/10Mb speed change email

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Legacy 38/19Mb to new 52/10Mb speed change email

Hi, I couldn't find any similar posting.


This morning I received an email from Plusnet.  I quote:



Changes to your speeds

Broadband download speeds are important for most of the stuff you do online such as browsing, streaming TV, watching videos, gaming and downloading files. So we’re increasing the download speed limit of your fibre broadband from up to 38Mb to up to 52Mb, which means you might find your connection gets faster. We’re also making some changes to the maximum upload speed from up to 19Mb to up to 9.4Mb. These changes are happening on 1st August.There’s no change to your monthly package price but we are making some changes to our early termination charges and some other fees on the 1st September. 

What happens next?

We hope you’re happy with your products and services but if you do decide to leave because of these changes, we won’t apply any early termination charges. All we ask is that you call us to tell us within 30 days of getting this email and give us 14 days’ notice.^



I am on legacy 40/20 service.  If I read this announcement correctly, I am to be moved to 55/10 service in August.



I'd rather keep the 40/20 service because of the higher upload speeds until current contract expires.








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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: 38/19Mb to 52/10Mb speed boost email

There's a thread here with all the details.

We won't be able to keep you on 40/20 until your contract expires I'm afraid

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 Matthew Wheeler
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Re: 38/19Mb to 52/10Mb speed boost email

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav)

Thread locked in favour of the link above.

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