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Complaints - Not providing contracted service.

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Registered: ‎28-06-2016

Complaints - Not providing contracted service.

Hi All,


So how does the complaints process work and what official bodies can I complain to?


Plusnet are not providing me  with the service I am paying for and they are saying that it will take until the 14th July to rectify an issue of their own making. They have, without me requesting it, moved my line from unlimited fiber to ADSL. This was apparently due to the fact that I logged a support call on the 17th June and for some reason this triggered this "automated" change to my service. There was no notification to me of this change or any kind of warning that this was going to happen.

I got a message today say that their suppliers were "unwilling" to expedite the restoration of the correct service, the one I have a contract with them to provide. This can't be right, surely.. am I alone in thinking that this is incredibly poor service?

I had a look at ofcom but that appears to be fairly useless i.e wait 8 weeks and if it is not resolved then contact someone. 8 weeks, really, is that it? 


I have logged a complaint with Plusnet and that apparently takes 5 days to get a response.


I'm just wondering what my options are? Award winning support????


Any advice would be appreciated.




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Re: Complaints - Not providing contracted service.


I must admit we've had a couple of issues since becoming Plusnet customers, both of which took over 4 weeks to rectify - most of which was wasted time due to incident being puntedback/forward to BT.

Anyways - check out Martin Lewis website ( There's an old thread in there dealing with exactly this issue - I. E. Contracted service not being provided (supplier breach of contract). It's been a while since I looked but I remember there being some advice and steps to take if supplier is being ... slow/awkward, etc, to the point that it's possible to exit the contract with no penalties due to supplier breach of contract. Go have a look... and good luck!