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Junk Mail

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Junk Mail

Well, I didn't realise PlusNet had sunk that low, but it seems they have.
We've got a BT landline in my sister's name, and when she signed up she probably didn't check the box which said "I don't want my details shared with world+dog".
Fair enough.
Got a PlusNet advert through the post (junk mail), which I was surprised at, and I love the first paragraph of the small print:
We've written to you because you have a relationship with BT, our parent company. If you'd prefer not to receive any more mailings from us, simply visit and we'll remove you from our mailing list.
We're sorry to have bothered you

Oh, that mailing list I never asked for then Roll_eyes
Yes, I know junk mail is a fact of life, and it doesn't take too long to put through the shredder. I'm more concerned that PlusNet are now using the BT database to send people crap.
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Re: Junk Mail

Probably more along the lines that they can see your phone is with a different provider so are writing to let you know you can get your broadband slightly cheaper on some packages if you also have your line with them.
I've got both my FTTC and Phone with them and I'm perfectly happy with the service - it's also nice to speak to someone in the UK call center when you need to report a fault (which I have and got through within 2 minutes on a saturday morning )
*Edit - however if she isn't with Plusnet for her broadband and never has been then it is an issue that should be addressed ........