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I have just received e-mail telling me that my interleaving is being turned off at my request and that the stability of my service may suffer. I have never asked for this to be done !!!!. I did have lots of problems with my service but I fitted my ancient filter and have had no problems since.
How do i get my interleaving left as it is ?Huh
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Interleaving

Hi there,
Sorry about that message, I'm not sure where it's come from but will do some digging. It used to be added to accounts following an account change (i.e. change of product) but yours was back in January so it'd be strange if that was the cause.
Either way I can assure you nothing's changed on your line and interleaving is still on for you, there's no pending orders to turn it off either so your connection will remain as is. Hope that reassures you, and again sorry for the message.