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Impressions after 3 months

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Impressions after 3 months

After experiencing repeated billing problems and dismissive support desk of my previous ISP (which actually surprised me as they are quite a small ISP and were previously known for good support), I decided to move to Plusnet. I was wary of moving to a larger ISP having had difficulties with Tiscali way back in 2003 but the general impression I got from reading reviews was that PN would be an ok choice. I noted the traffic shaping but this was not a negative for me since my usage patterns aren't such that they would be negatively affected.
The order was processed promptly. The migration went smoothly and everything seemed to be going OK. Then, about a month ago I noticed that my connection felt slower than usual and when I checked on my router I saw that my sync rate had dropped to 1Mbps down from its usual 1.8Mbps. When it became clear it wasn't going to reconnect any higher I logged a fault with Plusnet via their web site. I would like to thank Plusnet for the manner in which they subsequently dealt with the fault and although it took a few weeks to get resolved (including a couple of BT Openreach call-out to fix the line fault) my sync rate is now up to 2.5Mbps. It was pleasing to receive a call on the Sunday afternoon after logging the fault to keep me updated with the progress, and this continued through the duration of the fault through a combination of phone calls to my mobile, messages on my answering machine, emails and SMS texts. It was such a big improvement after my last ISP whose support desk seemed to hold the opinion that the customer was either a liar or an idiot.
There are so many other things that make Plusnet so much better:

  • Usage meter actually works!

  • Emails sent when approaching usage limit

  • Possible to set a cap on additional usage

  • Information about customer service response times given openly

  • Good, active forums

  • Good pricing

  • ...probably some more that I'm forgetting right now

So I just want to say 'thank you' to everyone at Plusnet who dealt with my problem promptly and to a satisfactory conclusion, and I hope that everything continues as it is right now.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Impressions after 3 months

Hi CX23882,
Very glad to hear it, thank you very much for the positive feedback - I'll make sure this is passed on. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if there's anything else we can help you with.
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Re: Impressions after 3 months

I'm really pleased to read this. I ordered my new line and broadband at the weekend and hope to have the same experience. Thanks for posting your feelings.
Lynda X