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I've been impressed by PN answering telephones

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I've been impressed by PN answering telephones

A bit of positive feedback for Plusnet for a change!

I had a broadband outage recently, I tried using the fttp problem wizard and as I got to the end it reported a problem with itself, so I tried the standard broadband and it worked but didn't solve the problem.

So I phoned PN and got straight through to a helpful person who found out, after some fiddling with their system, that the problem was a BT Openreach issue at a local exchange (or equivalent).  The problem was resolved in a couple of hours rather than the few days predicted.


I was very pleasantly surprised at how quickly I got through on the phone to PN - it is something Iusually dread.  I hope it stays like that! 

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Re: I've been impressed by PN answering telephones

I'd like to echo your words as getting through to them on the phone has been a pleasant experience.
Like you when I had a fault it was as the exchanged and fixed within 2 hours.