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I feel cheated

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I feel cheated

I signed up for fibre on 18th Jan, didn't receive router until 3rd Feb(so already out of 14 day cancellation period!) plugged it in and there's a fault!
We've had no internet at home for 10 days since switch over and costing a fortune in mobile data. One of us is housebound and relies on the internet to communicate and run a business so completely isolated and business suffering.
Now have to wait until 13th for open reach engineers to visit (that'll be nearly two weeks without service and nearly a month since signing up!) and expect to have to pay £65 for engineer.
BT only charge £56 to install their fibre. I wish I'd gone with themSad
Why was there no installation offered initially? Many many calls lasting 30-45 mins at least each timeSad
Is this the standard of S ervice I'm going to have to tolerate for 19 months.
Really disappointed already. Really regret signing up
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Re: I feel cheated

i assume you are paying for the business product, as you are running a business from your internet connection?

also, you only have to pay the £65 fee if the fault is within your home.
all fibre connections with all ISPs are done via self install now, you don't get an openreach engineer coming to do it.
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Re: I feel cheated

I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with your service @Misterishy


Just to clarify, the £65 charge will only be applied in certain circumstances. The best way to explain the charge is by copying and pasting the statement we read over the phone:


If the engineer finds the problem is with your internal wiring, your equipment, the condition of your property or the Openreach network has been damaged within the boundary of your property by things like building or garden works or if no fault is found, you will receive a charge of £65 to cover the cost of the engineer. This charge will also apply if you miss the appointment or you cancel without giving us 2 working days' notice.


I've looked into your account and I can see that you have an engineer booked for tomorrow AM. Please feel free to let me know how it goes.

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