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How do I elevate a complaint at Plusnet?

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How do I elevate a complaint at Plusnet?

I've just had a support operator refuse to elevate my complaint because he "isn't losing his job for me."

That's the second support operator to tell me that in the last 8 weeks. This one insisted I go through the process with him, and kept interrupting instead of listening to me pointing out that the router is at my parents house 20 miles away, My parents are in their eighties and in ill health, hence why I, on Plusnet's advice, am the principle duty holder for the account. Then he hung up on me because I insisted I would not go through first line support for the 10th time, and instructed him that I wanted somebody to call me back tomorrow.

After a previous elevation to the faults team, I was told I could not speak to them out of office hours, so I came home early from work and rang at quarter to five. I asked if I could speak to the faults team and was told it was a 72hr wait. I explained that this issue was already six weeks old and three engineer visits in, and that I wasn't prepared to go to the back of the queue again. I asked could he get somebody to talk to faults for me and ring me back later, as I had to go and pick my children up from the childminders. I had, after all, come home early from work to catch the elusive faults team and wasn't prepared for another 20 minute call queue, only to be told that they had finished for the day.

The support operator told me he was not allowed to ring out, that he and nobody else at Plusnet would put their jobs on the line by doing so, and that I could have picked my kids up by now if I hadn't wasted 10 minutes talking....

What on earth has happened at Plusnet? It never used to be like this.

They want me to go back into the queue after 8 weeks, 5 engineers and a worse problem than when this all started.

The last engineer but one assured my elderly parents that the problem was outside of the property, and wrote it down for them to give to me; a HR fault (underlined for emphasis) between the pole and the master in his opinion, and most likely due to water ingress.

He told us the drop wire would need replacing, but he wasn't equipped to climb the pole. Engineers returned a couple of days later with a bucket lift, tested the line, said it was fine, rang me and said "we can't fix what ain't broke mate."

The noise is so bad on the line you can barely hear the caller on the other end. The guy that just hung up on me, says the router is showing that all it needs is rebooting.

I would ask my parents to, but they can't hear properly for all the noise on the line.....

What on earth does it take to get through to somebody that is prepared to listen? I'm fed up of being the go between between PN and OR. This is a paid service and one individual needs to take ownership of the problem.

For context, the guy on the opposite side of the road is apparently now having similar problems. Both started when the new FTTC cabinet was fitted and a burst pipe flooded the excavation scene.
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Re: How do I elevate a complaint at Plusnet?

I wish I knew the answer.  PlusNet is driving me mad with their poor customer service and lack of interest.

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Re: How do I elevate a complaint at Plusnet?

complaints procedure can be found here

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