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House Move Feedback

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House Move Feedback

Reading through the forums this isn't going to be a surprise, but nonetheless I'm disappointed in the lack of anything tangible in the way of progress with respect to my broadband move to my new house.
Ordered on the 3rd Dec, I advised the PlusNet agent that as it was a new house and that there was likely to be work required (the cable from the chamber outside my house needed cabled according the developer). The rest of the estate has been connected for best part of a year, so my understanding is the work required to cable into the chamber adjacent to my house would already have been planned/designed - just not implemented in a timely manner.
Two weeks later and an openreach surveyor turned up on the day I got the keys (coincidence), looked over the job and agreed that a cable was required, albeit he based that on talking to me and the developer's construction manager. Was expecting the next update to confirm the date for the work - instead I've got nothing other than the 'question' coming on/off hold with some random to no updates.
As much as I appreciate that BT Openreach are the supplier of service to PlusNet - nothing so far has made me think that Openreach are being pushed by PlusNet, instead everything seems to revolve around using the automated tools that provide bland holding pattern updates, typical of large organisations. Especially disappointed that I was assured of an update over a week ago and have heard absolutely nothing since.

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Re: House Move Feedback

Hi there,
I've just read over your post here and the notes on your account and we certainly could have handled this better. The main disappointment for me is the communication we've given you, it's simply not been good enough.
I can see that over the last day or so we've actually had movement on the order itself and our orders team here are dealing with it for you so fingers crossed all goes well from this point on .
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