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Good news, you're due a refund.....Bad news, we're calling in the debit collection agency!

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Good news, you're due a refund.....Bad news, we're calling in the debit collection agency!

Hello Simon,

We've reviewed your account and found that you are owed a refund of £9.22. The reason for your refund is:
One off charge refund
We'll process this today and you should be in receipt of this cheque shortly. Please let us know if you have any questions.
Best wishes,

The Plusnet Team


Notification of pending account closure

Dear Simon,

This is an important message about payments you haven't made.

We have previously notified you there is an overdue balance of £51.21 on your account.

It is important your balance is paid within the next 14 days to avoid your services and account being cancelled and your details being passed onto our third party Debt Collection Agency.

If we cancel our agreement because payment isn't made and you're still within your minimum term we'll also charge you an early termination charge for each remaining month of your minimum term.

An estimate of these charges at the time of sending are outlined below:
Overdue balance £51.21
Total (less usage and call barring charges) £51.21
You will also be invoiced for any unbilled calls or call barring charges which have been added to your account since your last invoice. In addition, standard fees will be charged by the Debt Collection Agency. The easiest and quickest way to clear this balance and enable immediate reactivation of your services is to visit

We are keen to help you get your services reactivated. If you are having difficulty making a payment or would like to discuss this matter further, please contact us on 0800 432 0200 as soon as possible to avoid the additional fees being applied. If you wish to pay the overdue balance now and reactivate your services you can do so at any time by visiting This payment will need to be made from a Debit or Credit Card.
Kind regards,

David Leather
Chief Operating Officer

If your details are passed onto a third party Debt Collection Agency they may conduct certain searches with credit reference agencies (like Experian or Equifax), and of other public data sources. They do this to better understand your circumstances (such as if the details we provided are up to date or to assess your ability to make payment). These searches may be visible to you if you check your credit record but not to third parties although they may be used by the credit reference agencies to inform your credit scores.
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Re: Good news, you're due a refund.....Bad news, we're calling in the debit collection agency!

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