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First week, so far so good

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First week, so far so good

Connection and phone have been live for a week now, hope this doesn't come back and bite me in the bum!!


Migrated in from Vodaphone, where I had a 48meg sync on a guaranteed 55. Throughput was abysmal with speeds of sub 20meg all day. dropping to 5 or 6 in the evening. Liked their router and their app, but had to get out on the 30 day guarantee. Arriving back at PN again (for the 4th ish time), I now have a 55meg sync and the Testmynet graph looks normal again. Disappointed to see that support times are still long, the ticket system has been all but removed and live chat can be difficult, but good to see that there are still support personnel frequenting this forum.


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: First week, so far so good

Hi @Marksfish.


Welcome to Plusnet, it's great to have you back again for the 4th ish time, wow!


We're still here trying to get things done, you know how it works so make yourself at home, I'm sure you'll contact us if you need anything further.