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Fibre broadband installation

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Fibre broadband installation

You need to tighten up on installation instruction. I doubt anyone has the ideal setup described in BT Openreach information. You were very unclear on what the BT engineer would actually do to suit a particular house. Consequently I drilled holes in my house that were far bigger than necessary to allow extension data cables to be routed to my study. The BT engineer was pleased as it saved him time but was prepared to do this as part of the task. Can you talk to BT and do some training notes to tighten this up? Having said this BT engineer was excellent and speed is 36.6mps
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Fibre broadband installation

As the installation is carried out by the engineers we don't really provide any specific instructions to customers as there's nothing we'd expect you to do other than to make sure they've got clear any easy access to the master socket and the engineers would then do the rest.
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