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Fault reporting appears to be faulty

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Fault reporting appears to be faulty

I raised a ticket (76937447) on Friday regarding extreme slow speed during peak hours (only getting 1-2 mbps downloads on a
line with an IP profile of 77 - I'm on a nice stable 80/20 FTTC line). I'd run through all the checks possible - even running the BTW wholesale checks and trying a second
router. After two days (!) of waiting I finally got a response saying basically nothing - but that I could report the fault on if I still had problems.
Only problem with that is that I can't - the troubleshooter is broken - just gives an error. The whole reason I raised a ticket in the first
place was because I couldn't use the online troubleshooting tool to report the fault!
How exactly am I supposed to raise a fault report online? Surely the support staff should know that the fault reporting service is itself faulty - or is it just broken for me?
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Fault reporting appears to be faulty

I've checked your account and it was missing some information from that stopped you being able to raise a fault. If you can run through the fault wizard then I'll get this picked up.
It would certainly be worth trying a PPPoE conenction to see if there's any difference.
Let me know when you've raised a fault.