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Expedite - Travel Back In Time?

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Expedite - Travel Back In Time?


Today 20th January, I've just received an email to tell me that the fibre engineer will come on 2nd January.  Shocked
They keep telling me that the process will be expedited. 
Infact the opposite is true, one delay after another!  Angry

Contracted engineer turns up to do installation, poor attitude and said it was too windy so just sat in the van and then disappears.
Another appointment made in 5 days - no one turns up!!!
Another appointment made in 2 days - telephone line finally installed by Openreach engineer  Smiley ( It was much windier than on original appointment).
Then 10 days to port our number over!   Sad

Today, waiting all day to receive a date for the fibre installation, the email arrives at 4.45pm telling us it will be on 2nd January!!!  Shocked

So yet another delay with having to contact customers services again,  but it's too late for them to contact whoever installs the fibre.  Angry

Before deciding to switch from Virgin to Plusnet I was impressed with the reviews for good customer service, I know Plusnet cannot be held responsible for the companies they use but I didn't think there would be that many problems. 

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Re: Expedite - Travel Back In Time?

As you've mentioned this in your other thread here,135599.msg1192471.html#msg1192471 I can't see the point of a separate thread, it's more difficult to get a complete picture of your problems when they are in more than one place Wink
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Re: Expedite - Travel Back In Time?

locked in favour of existing thread.
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